In support of organ donation

doveShouldn’t we ALL be 100% in support of organ donation?
…AFTER a good life ourselves?

It’s a fact: We won’t need those body parts once we’ve died.

Let’s not be squeamish about this! Let’s do the right thing!

Our deceased body parts – CAN SAVE LIVES!!

…AGAIN!…Organ donation saves lives!!

It could be our life

It could be the life of someone dear to us


Please support our absolute commitment, to offer every body that we can, for recovery of the body parts needed, to help boost the lives of people, who WOULD live better IF we can all support them with essential organ donation. (click on: to watch: ‘The Human Tissue Issue’ movie).

Please contact us – to arrange ‘any of the benefits to life’ we offer, as soon as possible, to make the most of life, way before you die.

N.B. Losing excess weight, will give you a better chance to live healthier and happier – let us give you the willpower to help yourself achieve weight reduction that will help you.

AND make sure your street has a FREE ‘Street Shock’ defibrillator, to help people stay alive longer. Click: funerals deposits to fund defibrillators


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