Like minded people

likeminded[1]Friends you are invited!

Especially if you are keen to experience great new opportunities, for enjoyment that comes with: Outdoor health, exercise, wildlife, animals, natural landscapes, fresh air, camping, picnicing, learning things – and all within or below your current budget.

Our belief is, that LIFE is what you make it. That’s why we are here!

Our methods would bring these options to you, along with secure local sustainable food produce; available to you from mixed labour intensive small-scale farming; as opposed to mono-culture, chemical based agri-business, which is unkind to the environment and degrades the nutritional value of foods, which usually come from developing countries around the world; whose populations are struggling to feed themselves.

We want to see more sustainable food supplies, more local employment and guarantees that you get more bangs, for your buck!

Please contact us, if any of this resonates with you. 

posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farm.


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