My proposition to farm land owners

land-use-intensity[1]Hello there!

If you would like to reduce farm debts, we would like to help, by buying some of your acreage and leasing it back to you (at peppercorn rates).

You keep use of the land, almost as if nothing had changed.

The capital you receive, you keep.

All we ask is: You give access periodically (by an agreed plan) and you welcome income, which we’d like to put your way. Legal costs would be covered by Village Farms; which would award you with a FREE brand mark, to help you market your products for a better return.

The land we are interested in, must be accessible by road, have a separate access to your business area, be within reach of a local community, be well above the water table and outside any water source protection zone.

Our offer will be made after proof that no other lien over the land exists and guided by independent market valuation – in full.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please go to our ‘contact’ page. Posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farms.


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