Funeral options, or ‘passing on of LIFE’ celebrations

options[1]Folks! We always take a positive view of things.

…Nothing is more natural, than our time closing.

So we don’t see the event as a time to waste. We are here to help you choose: how to cherish the time we live and how to maximize the use of our goodbyes.
Funerals we offer, can reflect your own wishes, at a value which nobody else could match.

You can choose anything from a full blown, black car, shiney shoes affair, elaborate coffin, church service, headstones at a cemetery – the lot! Or choose a simple burial, in a meadow, where flowers will grow naturally, sheep will graze and children will play Why not Forever! (See our video, click on: )

We offer DIY funerals, or assisted professional help; with or without cars.

The choices are yours; but by thinking this through early – you and your loved ones, can get more out of your decisions.

We are here one minute and gone the next. So let your LIFE be put ‘centre stage’ and help the future be better for others too!

Whether you want farm benefits yourself, or want life benefits for yourself, or not; please consider helping to create those things for others!

Please choose Village Farm Funerals, to give you ‘the best’ send-off, when your LIFE, has reached it’s fruitful close. Click on pages: ‘your funeral agreement’ and ‘agreement & prices’, for details.

For everyone; I wish you happy times! posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farms


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