Better health, through life style options

doctors_insurance_option[1] Have you got the conviction, that LIFE has to be as healthy as we can make it?

To add to that, we want everyone to accept ‘the giving and receiving’ of organ donations, as the most wonderful gift – that can lengthen and boost the quality of lifeanywhere in Britain!

Watch: ‘The Human Tissue Issue’,  our movie in support of organ donor registration.

Hence our proposal, that activities which you can enjoy on farmland, can add to feel-good factors and wellbeing; to make your body and mind, better tools for you to use.

People with disabilities, or ailments, can only benefit, from having what we offer, in their lives.

So, if you are hale and hearty try to keep it that way.

AND think and plan, to help others, who can benefit from your concern for them. Make it better for others, as well as yourself.

Please consider, how useful all this can be to everyone.

AND all paid for, by utilizing the spending we would normally make, that much better!

posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farm


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