How can all this happen?

Make-It-Happen-Logo1D[1]Without finance nothing works. Right?

What we are saying to people, is: If you have no objection to having a nicer funeral, as a ‘life celebration’, run by us when your time on earth closes; we can offer you use of our land and make better spending options available, during the rest of your LIFE.

As you spend with us and as people support us through investment, or spread paying, for a funeral, our ability to buy more land increases – land which will give you, even more out of LIFE!

It is our job, to stick by my promise, to improve your LIFE and to improve the lives of our children, for generations after us.

Because we will be run as a business not out to increase wealth for it’s own sake, more of the money, goes back, to improve lives and only the running costs are taken to offer you our services.

The employment created, will benefit you whilst you are alive!

How many life assurance companies or funeral businesses, can truely say that?

Google a search to: Switching Funeral Plans, on youtube, click: for details of your legal rights to receive back pre-paid funeral plan money – that you could switch to us for a better deal all round!!

posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farm


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