How will you get better spending capability?

imagesCA8O9VTKHere’s how!

Our plan, is to issue local currency, valued as strongly as people like locally. This currency will be administered by us and accepted by traders locally, who may offer you special discounts to help you.

This will ensure a vibrant local economy, which will sustain more jobs and hold it’s value against inflationary sterling devaluation.

Usually new money is created from banks, who incur you a debt to be repaid; whilst our currency will never incur you a debt and will always give full value.

Local currency, will always stay in the local economy; so it will not export wealth creation, to other areas – to continually boost the standard of local LIFE!

As funeral spending comes our way, a greater amount of local currency will be in circulation, furthering the benefits to local people.

posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farms

Find out about ‘positive money use’, click: ‘Countdown To Positive Money’ and ‘Do You Twig It?’

Click on: Positive Money card


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