Reclaiming monies put into pre-paid funeral plans.

imagesCAMOHV0BWe make the case for reclaiming money, which you may have locked away, in a pre-paid funeral plan.

This is legally your right! AND ARGUABLY VERY VERY MUCH IN YOUR BEST INTEREST! ‘Switching Funeral Plans’ video – to help you choose something better.

By law, any funeral plan provider, MUST repay money put into funeral plans, and only charge a small concellation fee. THIS MONEY will be free again, to give you better options and a guaranteed funeral arrangement; that will cost you no more!

N.B. Currently, around £1.5 billion is locked away from LIFE and could be used to solve many of peoples LIVING needs.

Given our drive, to boost your life, make money produce better value, boost jobs and leave lives better for the next generation, we urge you to consider our offer, to match the fixed price you have reserved AND TO BOOST LIFE, FOR YOU AND OTHERS.

posted by:Richard Sibley, Village Farm


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