Solidarity for ‘ordinary folk’ in the Isles of Britain – ‘Clan Britannia’

earth-hour-2009[1]On this site we can see, that solidarity between us, is what will see us into a better, brighter future. Not people divided and edgey around each other; only concerned for our own part of today’s Britain.

For all, John ‘O Groats, to Lands End; we see a future for all, increasingly made debt free by boosting LIFE for everyone!

Long live ‘Clan Britannia’, the Scots, the Welsh, The Irish and ordinary English, who view jobs, homes and family connections, as more important, than the ambitions of deluded short-lived political adversaries.!

Long live our ability to think kindly of each other and to share, a much more exciting future, alongside each other, financially, socially, morally and environmentally!

I do hope you agree folks!  …Please click on (and display): Solidarity2

click on our video:  ‘Clan Britannia’ 

posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farm


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