What value do people get from life assurance?

Value%20For%20Money(cropped2)[1]Now we’re talking about getting value, from all spending, during our LIFE,

...isn’t it logical to conclude, that life insurance, is a wasted spend? Agreed?

People who start, life policies, never get to use the money; it is like a bottomless pit!

N.B. If you put your money into it; and if you stop, all of your money is gone!

This is nonesensical.

However much has been put in so far; should be written off, so that the rest of your life, you enjoy and can use, the rest of your money – FOR LIFE. Once you die, through us, your funeral could be covered anyway!

DON’T WAIT, stop your life policy now, if you agree with this proposition.

posted by : Richard Sibley


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