How much can be achieved?

imagesCAX9438BLet’s look at the numbers.

If we only start off, with 1 ‘life-boosting’ funeral agreement in each county,

…we will have enough, to call a success!

64 people, backing the idea of getting more from life, with their own funeral spend.

After all, it takes people with open minded thinking, to lead the rest, who are inclined to see what others may do, for fear of being the odd ones out, in changing times.

Rational though it may be, to grasp what would clearly improve peoples LIVES,
history shows, that despite new channels of communication, it takes trend setters to show the rest, which way to go.

Let us hope, that this early attempt, to boost people’s options, will be taken up, by the sorts of people, who do open their eyes, to new and exciting opportunities.

A target of 5% of population, 1 in 20 people, would massively boost everyone’s lives; and is acheiveable.

Don’t forget, ‘Land for All’ is on offer! and ‘County Style Fun'(click on: to watch our video)

With free local currency! Listings of non-VAT registered trades and services! Money in our pockets and shared celebrations throughout LIFE with a nicer ‘send-off’, when we go!


Annually 600,000 people making funeral choices to boost everyone’s lives with ‘Freebies’ could make a brilliant change to our lives, couldn’t it? Click on: Funeral card

Posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farms


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