Good cause for you locally

Good_Cause_2[1]If you LIKE what you get from this site, I invite you to take these ideas forward in YOUR own area ‘by word of mouth’; try getting ‘Street Shock’ defibrillators for every street in your district (see below); land preserved permanently around your community; and free holidaying for all foster families in your district.

In Britain, we are starting from our land in Cleeve, North Somerset; it might take us a while to spread ‘even the first steps’ to your area. So, don’t wait for us to get to you – please take ideas from us and bring change to your area ASAP.



The more people like YOU start to bring changes, to areas where people live (across Britain) – the quicker a network can be joined by others – to BOOST LIVES EVERYWHERE! 


Watch our video called ‘Street Shock’, about streets everywhere owning their own instant access defibrillator – to save life after cardiac arrests (against one of Britain’s biggest killers!).

Download our leaflet to adapt for neighbours in YOUR street:  Letter to neighbours blank  **250 UK residents die each day – because there’s no defibrillator in their street, to shock their heart back to a regular beat!** Click: funerals deposits to fund defibrillators AND Letter to improve life


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