Building Blocks & Tipi’s

click to see flyer to print off:  Well Good PROMO

il_570xN.439814075_fhsiimagesCAHZHY0IEvery child learns to be creative, by playing with ‘Building Blocks’.

It opens their minds to how things work, click: artwork TIPI

For this reason, we are making our own version of ‘Building Blocks’, to inspire early appreciation of the world we all live in. Shapes, like the cube (blocks) and three dimensional triangles (Tipi’s) – will help to boost early thinking. This will enable youngsters to think creatively, so that concepts can be built in their brains too!

Thinking freely, makes ‘all of us’ who we really are, not hampered by dogmas and pre- described ideologies.

Take a look at our video  ‘Building Blocks and Tipi’s’ Click on:

Get your TIPI – Very affordable (sleeps a large family). FREE Youth Group Tipi’s (for youth groups, when parents put ‘life centrestage’). Easy to erect – goes in your boot. From this format, with or without protruding ‘redskin Indian poles: Richard Sibley Tipi FW Rev 2


Specially for children 

Short video’s of our hand puppet characters: ‘J’ion the Lion’’anda the Panda’  ‘J’abbit the Rabbit’  J’uck the Duck’  ‘J’og the Frog’ ‘J’ig the pig’


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