Toasting our posterity

raising-a-toast[1]Here’s to the lovely people!
on whom we all relied,
who mopped our shiney faces,
each time our hearts broke
as we sobbed and cried.

Here’s to our enabled future!
to mums, dads and others,
locked in our fragile minds,
memories released in life-song,
connections never denied.

We are four sides of a circle;
you, others, now and forever…
To each..his or her own time;
…OUR time is – NOW!
…Let’s show we really tried!

Give us your view on life
and we will give you…
…A life –  forever prized!

Remember this: We have one life to live – to play our part and like leaves on a tree we fall; but the tree of life never ends. So we should play our part well, before in turn ‘we’ fall – to nourish the earth for others.


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