1t. Britons throughout the UK

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‘lifecentrestage’ and Village Farms UK, see a future where green funerals are chosen by more and more people in Britain, as the use of cremation delivers less value to our lives.

(We say ‘in Britain’ – because recently there was an essential vote to maintain it’s future).

It is our hope to persuade other funeral providers, to back proposals, to be part of Britain’s new ‘Financial Evolution’ – in order to always keep the UK together. 

This needs inspiring options for British inhabitants, to counter the Scottish Nationalists grab for needless popularity. It is our intention to build on the NO vote support, to avoid splitting the union any time in the future, by offering a better future inside the British family of nations – starting with a UK campaign to announce ‘Britain’s Financial Evolution’ to all UK citizen’s. Here’s where your LOCAL  living standards and extra ‘life-benefits’ for you links in….

As part of ‘Clan Britannia’ – we encourage Scots, Welsh, N. Irish and English folks, to expect MORE from life, by putting their life centre stage … from now on, for each other!

With FREE FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS ANYWHERE IN THE UK (under contract), …who would want to pay for one? Click on: Funeral card

By offering cremation as well (initially) AND offering them FREE to people who put ‘lifecentrestage’, we will be able to offer ‘choices’ to finance MORE as living benefits (increasingly to people who choose natural burial), connected with spending which keeps land productive and useful, preserved for all time – as part of Britain’s Financial Evolution.

Setting up agreements with funeral service providors, we will be able to buy services for you, to meet the FREE FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS PROMISED AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE ACROSS THE UK – after lives made dramatically ‘Better Than’ now.

More out of life – A greater awareness of what can be achieved  – Greater security for forward planning AND Better living opportunities …for everyone before they die.


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