1g. Are you a giver or taker

Snapshot 1 (16-11-2013 14-59) van image

People who live their lives ‘giving’ rather than ‘receiving’,

probably would rather do the same at the end; as a lasting unselfish gesture; by giving to life, rather than death.

So the question is: Would you rather have a quiet, simple – FREE  ‘no fuss’ going – to help the next generation?

Or an elaborate, public and expensive fuss made – even though it will take away money, which could help others better during their lives?

As a ‘bond holder’ with us, your ‘FREE’ funeral could be arranged, so that your close family and friends can meet in your memory, after you have been removed – with a useful donation going to ‘a chosen cause’ (using the savings).

Your connection with ‘lifecentrestage’, will add to everyone’s lives – and boost the future for others for all time!



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