Time for balanced thinking

childrenWhat are our children supposed to think of us?


We (the ordinary people of Britain), have HAD others telling us: What to think, how to choose, what to believe and who to trust …for years!

AND LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENED…. life could be so much better – Do you agree?

It’s listening to others, with their references ‘to what has always been’, that’s put us where we are! …We must think freely and forward looking …for ourselves, if we want things to become better.

Cultural and historic systems are letting us down; with people who should serve us better – ham strung by ancient ritual – that says: “This is how we do things, sorry, it can’t be done differently!!” Led by what I call, the NO it can’t be done negative brigade. (When what we need, is YES it can be done – purveyors of positivity!).


Almost 3 million registered unemployed, lots claiming benefits – one third of households renting , because currently people can’t afford a home of their own. People telling us that our funeral spending should be ring fenced from our other social needs.
Banks not allowed to fail (as we would if our business was insolvent). Each of us working in a straight-jacketed centrally controlled economy, which tells us that the supply of spending power is limited – when it is limitless!

Currently credit facilities are created out of thin air (computer numbers only) – they are all linked to new debt – but this need not happen!

Restrictions of amounts of spending power, means the money supply is too low. It’s done that way, to maintain the values of assets, for people who worry about them; whilst everyone else suffers from a lack of spending power – that would make everything ‘positive’. Watch: http://youtu.be/zeDNwI_4c1A ‘Countdown To Positive Money’.

Either we are highly taxed and paying for others, or being supported by tax payers, in a very inefficient way.

e.g. Even people paid out of taxation – are taxed!!


We all know who rips us off, misleads us, treats us as fools and lives well off our efforts. AND we know it should be our choice to stop it happening. Watch: http://youtu.be/A9_qGEsR-sA ‘Society’s New Clothes’

We all know what conventions are imposed on us, which creates a fractured society and hampers each of us. BUT there is brightness on the horizon….


Ordinary people (who continue to keep smiling), make the most of things, despite difficulties forced on us by outdated convention.

The time has come, to realize that we CAN change things . By thinking and acting for ourselves, to improve our falling living standards; aided by our ability to be connected by our social media networks.

If you agree and WANT to do better for you and your children – why not give us a call, after reading our: ‘Benefits to Life’ page.

Our plan is to provide ‘positive self driven options’ which you may choose to take upwhich needs us to put an arrangement for our eventual funeral in place, then get on with a much improved life – would you like that?

Our package of personal choices are not available anywhere else. BEING ABLE TO LIVE BETTER & BEING ABLE TO DO BETTER FOR OTHERS – AT THE SAME TIME!!


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