1f. £Billions added to life

Snapshot 2 (19-11-2013 13-03) van richard on bridgeOur message is clear and simple!

If you want a share of £2,000,000,000 ANNUALLY – from the funeral industry’s turnover….

If you want that share of funeral spending – each and every year, for as long as you live…

If you want the next generation to gain from potentially £2 billion x 50 years = £100 billion…

AND your grand children to gain from potentially £200 billion (that’s £200,000,000,0000 … growing each year thereafter… we have to agree it.


Bring the money that you will eventually pay for your funeral – into active use during life.

i.e. *BRING ‘YOUR DEAD MONEY’ – ‘TO LIFE, with everyone else who would want the same in Britain; for a share of an ever increasing pool of benefits – created by the money we’d have to spend anyway!

N.B. The money we could bring to life is staggering! 

…with free local currencies, work earnings created, VAT savings, rental savings, interest-free loans, unneeded pension contributions, unneeded life assurance payments and a gentler transition to the economics of care in old age.

N.B. Life will be healthier, happier, longer and fitter – all as a result of better choices – all sensibly created out of our ‘own‘ choices.


*Work out for yourself what 600,000 Britons spend each year on funerals, at an average of £3,250 apiece – you can share this with all of us, by encouraging everyone you know – to fix their funeral and life choices with us. Everyone effectively a profit sharing partner with everyone else.


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