1v. Bond holding details

Snapshot 1 (19-11-2013 13-01) VAN image flag.jpg

As a bond holder with ‘lifecentrestage’

(once we have a license to offer financial services).

You will have no ‘bond’ interest – but your life will be much improved – as described everywhere on this site.

You will get the highest honour we bestow on people who choose to back our program of ‘life boosting’ options. Recognized as a catalyst for the life improvements that you help to create; eventually turning your bonds into ‘consoles’, for the benefit of generations to come.

Naturally, as one of our most respected supporter group – you would qualify to apply for a ‘complimentary funeral’ (as arranged in your agreement), supplied to meet your wished going, by our farm teams and funeral director; chosen wherever you end up living, via your nearest funeral service providor contracted to us.

People who choose to buy bonds from us, would appreciate that the real value of (local or national) money, can only be weighed up, against what results are achieved by it’s spending: i.e. the quality, duration, social, environmental and emotional achievement reached by spending ‘x’ amount of money.


‘lifecentrestage’ will treat each PAYMENT TO US, as a ‘seed’ which will produce never ending returns – exponentially; generation after generation. Enabling us to achieve the objectives laid out in this blog, in the name of each of us – and especially the supporter who buys bonds from us, that may exceed the expected cost of their own funeral; by as much as the person values the social benefits of our work.

THANK YOU FOR ANY FINANCIAL DECISION YOU MAY MAKE, TO FURTHER OUR CAUSE; of creating value for everyone’s money, to boost opportunities connected to innovative choices, that we can all enjoy.


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