Businesses and workers

Snapshot 2 (19-11-2013 13-03) van richard on bridgeOur song track: ‘Happy Brexit EU’, is a boost to all!

By giving everyone greater opportunities to do things, achieve more, spend more (without taking on any extra debt), things will become more viable.

Britain could become more positive about it’s future; paid work created for all and a framework of economics established, that can last.


The real economy can become the driver again; less reliant on a build-up of debt (which ultimately causes inflation, falling product quality, poorer wages, struggling businesses and high unemployment (with further pain, business failures, personal bankrupcies, divorces, family break-ups, rising crime and increases in suicides).

Watch ‘Hotting Up Jobs’, click on:

By getting all who realise that they will need a funeral, to get life benefits to boost opportunities for everyone; local currency can make up for shortages of sterling; the economy can supply demand; keep people in jobs and save firms, so they can grow and prosper.

Please discuss this at your places of work, with your staff or work mates – ‘lifecentrestage’ promises to make Britain a success story It is up to us all to make it happen!

Join ‘BE’ – to BE part of British Employment’s success story! Read our British Employment (BE) page.

Watch ‘Tax-free PhD’ click on:

Why not help to promote our promotion of YOU?


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