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Involvement for people with disabilities

imagesCAX2M7BOAfter speaking in London, with Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, we are keen to support people with disabilities, to offer ways to boost their lives, as we progress.

As an advocate for themselves and to lead others! Running a great many services for able bodied people – instead of the other way around. People with disabilities can and must lead the rest!

Watch this video:  ‘Doing What’s Right’

I am keen to see roles, specifically for these people; who are parts of everyone’s family’s everywhere across Britain.

County by county, I’d like to see them in key roles, communicating our messages and helping to make Britain a brighter place to live in.

In particular, I’d like to see an Annual John ‘O Groats to Lands End Challenge fortnight, to bring a carnival atmosphere, with teams of runners and cyclists, chosen to represent their own district, vying to win awards on offer.

This event, set up and managed by disabled people, can help to bring tourists in, to enjoy the fun, with world-wide coverage, to boost Britain’s reputation, as a caring society.

posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farm


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Support for the self-employed and small businesses start-ups

how-self-employed[1]I’d like to start, by stating the obvious: Work makes wealth and wealth goes around as we all spend.

So, if you are starting up, or are already a small business (below the VAT level); even planning to do a few extra hours per week to boost another income; we are here to boost your future!

Contracts from us could become available for you, to carry out the work we need as we expand.

Please ring us, to discuss the talents you offer. These details will be listed, for our forward planning and automatically uploaded to this site for others to access.

Soon we will be looking to offer contracts, to strong part-time drivers across North Somerset. Before you e-mail, consider the old addages: “If at first you don’t succeed,try, try and try again!” “Winners don’t quit, they look at their game and renew their efforts”.So, let’s get too it! It is up to us to offer what is in demand.

We are here and keen to help you, if we can. With all good wishes!



18 – 25 year olds on job-seekers allowance; Google:
for paid work ideas from householders, whilst you are looking for employment. Their community can get an award for reducing ‘worklessness’ and helping to boost their local economy.

(or click on our ‘links’ page; then click: ‘upbeatbritain’) and click on: Reps‘ film & click: Street Rep flyer


posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farm

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my_promise_banner[1]My promise to you to make a better future by offering farm land, for people like you to use during your lifetime,

with a plan in action for our children and those who come after us to enjoy better lives too!

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