County Style Fun

imagesCAAO6UXGHere’s where you reserve your option, to get involved ‘County Style Wise’


Please e-mail your name, address, phone contacts, age and music preferences.

Your option papers will be sent via e-mail, with further details. (read ‘The worlds best facilities’ page)

Once we are ready to proceed, you can finally decide you’d like to set things up; and you will be invited along 28 days a year automatically (payment by standing order to cut out ticket selling costs, with free FARMLAND BURIAL CREDITS -ALLOCATED, IF YOU ATTEND THE FIRST COUNTY GIGS!! – a bargain!!).

Having more FUN during LIFE, is what this is all about! Giving you farmland burial credits, is just our way of helping to give YOU more fun with everyone’s money. Have a laugh at this pdf: Keter Pay 2

Cheers for now!

If you could invite all you know, to show their interest too – it will help us to start that bit quicker! Well done.

See you for ‘County Style Fun’ – ‘GIGS TO BE AT’, in your own county. Coming soon!

Click on the link: to watch our ‘County Style Fun’ – movie.

Click on: Keter Pay for more laughter!


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