County Motivators

Richard In Flag montageMotivational local leaders will be found, with the skills to manage each county; within our umbrella framework. 

Most likely these individuals, will be visionary undergraduate interns, who as well as gaining degrees, will aspire to cement their place in history, as ‘the formers of New Britain’ – through ‘lifecentrestage’.

They will be encouraged to show a lead, by taking good remuneration, in our local ‘complimentary currency’, so that everyone gains from their truly inspirational leadership.

The skills needed, will include:

Law qualifications, farming, general management, accountancy, banking, asset management, IT, transport, filming, administration, PR, public speaking, events management, construction, manufacturing, exporting, printing, logistics, life training, mentoring, wildlife expertise, buying, negotiating and strategic planning.

Expanding ‘lifecentrestage’, county by county so that the world can watch Britain at it’s glorious best once more; led by the best of the next generation, starting as ‘interns together’, volunteering to give everyone the benefit of lives made much more exciting – giving themselves ‘great consultancy careers’ into the bargain!

Starting off, by making sure that every street in Britain, knows how and why to get it’s own Street Shock defibrillator in place, to immediately help fellow citizens to survive nearly always fatal cardiac arrests. Click: funerals deposits to fund defibrillators


Asking everyone in Northern Ireland, Wales and England, to personally show each of their close contacts in Scotland, how much they mean to each of us, whilst asking each of them – to stay with us, in complete solidarity with their fellow islanders as part of Great Britain’s UK!  Solidarity2


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