Earn as you learn

imagesCAZOBHTBWhy pay to learn, when you can get paid as you do it? click: http://youtu.be/0D-KgOzzFBk

As part of putting your ‘lifecentrestage’, we want to stress the need for joined-up thinking and action.

So if you have a problem which needs fixing sooner or later, we are here to help make it happen. O.K?

Give yourself a ‘re-boot’, so to speak.

If you missed a television programme called ‘Fat, sick and nearly dead’, you’ll love what an Australian called Joe Cross has done.

When he realized his health needed a re-boot, he fixed his problem. Here’s a sneak preview; the rest you can find on his website; http://www.rebootwithjoe.com

Here goes: Watch this and see what we mean…

Now, we reckon we should ALL do the same with our ‘other’ problems; ‘think what causes them’ and act to re-boot, for a boost to life.

Why not sit with a pen and paper and connect the reason for all of your problems. Then join up the solutions and see if things look better.

e.g. Start by connecting how your aspirations fit with your reality. If you want more or have more than you can afford, you will become miserable.

If you find ways to cut costs, save spare income and work at a practical plan to enjoy realistically, what you can keep going – you will be happier.

REMEMBER: Nobody achieves things overnight. Hoping to win the lottery, is self defeating. Don’t throw your money away; work positively at your plan and you will get there!

Believe in yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others. Concentrate, be confident, congratulate yourself …and don’t ever put yourself down. Click on: http://youtu.be/vVkaW2WJTRs ‘Believe in Yourself’

Each day is christmas if you wake up breathing! …You’ve a new day – ‘a bonus’, which you should appreciate, love and enjoy.

No other way of looking at things makes sense. Pick yourself a positive vibe and stay with it!

As Joe Cross analysed, we are sufferers of our own making, We can re-boot our ways of living – we can fix our problems and make ourselves happier.

No if’s or but’s! …don’t just take our word for it….!

We can and we MUST sort ourselves out and in so doing, improve things for others too!

Come on mates! Don’t let a guy from ‘down-under’ show us up! This entire site is designed to help you.


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