1o. Alert to the facts

imagesCAAI3S18Approximately 600,000 good folks of Britain, die each year, (of the annual total, 100,000 die needlessly from cardiac arrests untreated in time because defibrillation was unavailable! – that’s why our deposits pay for FREE ‘Street Shock’ defibrillators); all of them leave loved ones, collegues, extended family’s and friends, whilst not enjoying use of their funeral money, during LIFE.

N.B. If you don’t want to join our ‘Round Robin Scheme’, you and your neighbours can still buy your own ‘Street Shock defibrillator’ – to save lives yards away in your street! Watch: https://youtu.be/BWc4ZYTvrJM ‘The Beautiful Beating Heart’ video.

An average funeral costs £3,250 and rising (as we are constantly being reminded), this represents a huge, national spend (close on £2 billion per year), that is taken out of LIFE; when it could play an important role in sorting our problems out.


Crematoriums, churchyard burial sites, municipal cemetery’s and pure woodland burial sites, all take food productive land, deny many possible elements of sustainable social enjoyment and takes spending power away from positive money use.

This site aims to give you far more sensitive alternatives, which can offer everyone, the benefits of positive money uses; to resolve many of our dissatisfactions.


Spending as much as, or as little as you want – to mark the respect you feel, for the loved one you have lost, does not have to be without ‘real’ concern and consideration, for those left behind. You can be lavish, creative and loving – just the way YOU choose.

Please talk this through with those close to you.…(after reading closely our ‘Benefits to Life’ page)

with kind regards. Richard Sibley, Village Farm


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