FREE complimentary currency

sleeping bagAs a precursor to local currency being given to everyone automatically, as a form of ‘basic spendable income’, all who ‘complete’ our agreement (printed from our ‘agreement & prices’ page), will be provide with an amount of local community currency. Hotting Up Money (a short video).

This ‘local currency, will give you new spending power, in addition to your sterling money, to boost your options.

People buying and selling in ‘the currency’, will be able to attract deals, which may not be available, in sterling. e.g. special offers; unique offers; bonus additions; repeat discounts and all within the local area, to stop wealth that is created, being exported out of the local economy. This will create more vibrant businesses and help to create work for all!

Everyone will be helped by a safe ‘continuous’ money supply; which has entered the local economy via us, without any attached debt – with no debt repayment, there will be no decrease in the value of spending, using this extra FREE local currency.

Naturally, this currency will not be affected by value reductions, as sterling is, in times of inflation – so it will hold it’s value and help to maintain living standards.

Vitally, because this is not a reorganisation of ‘sterling’, our local currency cannot eventually end up in bank deposits, meaning that bank created debt credit, cannot be expanded (through multiplied lending on this complementary currency), allowing bank lending to fall, to ‘limit’ inflationary debt created bank (number money) lending, to those who choose to borrow – rather than people being ‘forced’ to borrow, because of spending shortages.

As more people sign up, for life boosting funerals with us, more community currency will go into (and stay in) circulation, to boost abilities to spend – permanently! This will provide goods and services, as part of the UK economy – which guarantees you results for your ‘debt-free’ money. If only the government could guarantee us that!

PLEASE TELL OTHERS, ABOUT THIS VALUABLE OPTION. Watch our film called: Countdown To Positive Money – click Thanks!


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