Freebies for you & others

freebies-list[1]lifecentrestage (via a ‘no payment up front’ money saving agreement that guarantees you extras);

Say’s: “Boosting your life is easy – with ‘freebies’, not likely to be matched by anyone else!” Please read our ‘Benefits to life’ page 1s

It’s even possible to get a completely FREE funeral offered, if you agree to buy ‘lifecentrestage’ bonds, to help us serve every community in Britain; with a deposit towards it, potentially getting your street a FREE ‘Street Shock’ defibrillator to save your neighbours lives. Click: funerals deposits to fund defibrillators (total cost to be deposited by neighbours in each street £1,250).

How’s that for a ‘freebie’?

Why not look at our ‘Yearly plan’ page, for one of the suggestions which can produce the goods – John ‘O Groats to Lands End?

Naturally, safety of guarantees to you – will be secured by the asset values of all freehold farm land bought. What do you think?


Who doesn’t like freebies of quality?


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