1x. Asking about predecessors

imagesCA2F5YHAAs a link to each others roots; (so that we can re-visit and touch something about our ancestors) – lifecentrestage has this to propose:

Could we make purpose from the point of contact with ‘our loved ones’ lives?

Could we enjoy being refreshed by thinking of them?

Could we cherish more our visits to a place we can remember them at?


Yes we can.

As part of improving life for everyone, we can create useful facilities – to immortalize memorials, which can be attached or displayed in various accessible places – without the ongoing cost of cemeteries, health and safety assessments and morbidity that we associate with headstones and plaques currently offered.

Our task is to provide a better answer, at living positive and engaging Village Farms – within each community, where you can benefit from a boost to lifenot death.

Watch: ‘To Remember Me By’ click: http://youtu.be/FkNW7VvIPHM


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