John ‘O Groats to Lands End

images Motivational Leaders sought, to activate and monitor the success of the following separate issues; IN EVERY UK COUNTY.

If you have the relevant skills and time, to handle any of the following topics via regional networks across Britain – please contact us by email:

Would you like: all unemployed people to be offered paid work by local households?

All children to be guaranteed free farmland space for interesting active fun?

Everyone to have a defibrillator in their street, to shock them back after a cardiac arrest?

Everyone to have better chances of spare body part matches, for urgent transplant surgery?

Everyone to have positive money supplies, less debt and largely 0% interest loans?

Everyone to be given bigger incentives to turn away from addictive spending of time & money?

Everyone to be given options to live free of rent, so saving to buy their own home is affordable and sustainable?

Everyone to be given the hope of sustainable food, being produced on local farmland for them?

Everyone to be supplied information, about who can offer VAT free goods and services locally?

Everyone to be able to live better without the expense of a private pension?

Everyone to be able to avoid high spending, if care is needed in old age?

Everyone to have control of making law changes which will boost life and work effectively?

Everyone to discard paying for a risky life insurance policy, so money can be used better?

Everyone to be offered fixed price or FREE funeral options early, to boost life right through?

Everyone to be offered nicer, greener funeral options – to enable our world to be improved?

Everyone to be given options to reduce worldwide military spending – for peaceful bargaining?

Everyone to be given free help to live healthier, happier, less stressful lives?

Everyone to be offered provision of affordable travel and holiday options – more often?

Everyone to be given options to lower the cost of dressing up & having live local nights out?

Everyone to be given options to celebrate life, spend on life – less on death, to boost the future?

Everyone to be able to choose lower costs and their own work/life balance, to enjoy more free time?

Everyone to be shown ways to experience a greater range of opportunities?

Everyone to feel safer physically and mentally, because criminal justice works – and deters crime?

Everyone to see living standards rise, as unhelpful costs can be cut, to give better spending value?

Everyone given confidence and hope that lives can be boosted, sustainably?

Everyone to be given chances to achieve dreams during retirement?

Everyone to be given assurances that farmland can provide more opportunities, whilst being  preserved as a barrier to urban sprawl?

Everyone to be given more chances to develop their talents FREE, ‘Nowhereneara University’?

Everyone given options to enjoy ‘Clan Britannia’for the sake of all ordinary UK island folk together with our family roots and long lasting interconnections – between Scottish folk, Irish folk, Welsh folk and English folk – with our world-wide view of things?

Everyone to be given ‘bond options’, to make sure that the above can be enjoyed by allforever!?


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