1j. Joined up solutions

thCA6BFBSFWe often forget that our own decisions are better than ones made by politicians

– quicker, cheaper and more effective.

Waiting for political action, can’t create joined-up solutions; it’s not possible, because politics is short term and serves their needs before ours.

We can’t expect politicians to be innovative; creating defibrillators for every street, tipi’s for youth groups, free local currencies, or communities with paid work for all – but we can create these things quite easily, for ourselves.

That’s why we suggest putting our own lives centre stage – rather than theirs.

We all know that Parliament, the European Commission and our civil service – take an age, to agree and eventually do things. Often policies clash with our overall needs – so things need to be sorted out by us, or they will never be sorted at all.

Hence the set of options on this site, for targets we can achieve for ourselves.

This is not rebellious – it is normal that we should be expected to sort our own problems out. Politicians are only there to give us options to make choices for ourselves.

Britain has a long and proud cultural tradition, of embracing timely action. Helping to lead the world in ‘Financial Evolution Created By Consumers’, is just the next step along Britain’s path – for the sake of everyone!


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