Let Fear NOT Divide Us

thCAU4K3ORFear is behind everything which divides us.

Or putting it correctly – unfounded or imagined reasons to feel fearful, usually causes divisions which creates wars, social tensions and objections to integration.

So if we concentrate on a plan to understand, how much our false fears cost us – we may be able to fear less and benefit each other more.

Irrational fear, used by people who benefit from dividing populations – must be seen for what it is; crooked and immoral!

Irrational fear, felt by individuals and passed from one to another – perpetuates ignorance.

Irrational fear, felt only by one individual – May often be caused by paranoid psychosis; making it difficult to correct.

Fear of each other, inevitably causes pain and unhappiness – which we can remove; by thinking and acting kindly to each other (realizing what we gain, as opposed to what we ‘falsely’ may perceive we might lose).

Fear of lack of affordable opportunities, money supply, paid  work, affordable homes to buy, social inclusion and plentiful fun – can often be exacerbated by social policy which encourages opportunities for excessive greed. The type of excessive greed which inevitably reduces opportunities for many others.

‘lifecentrestage’ has an ethos of ensuring opportunities ‘for all’ – by giving alternative benefits to those who dominate opportunities at the moment – so that changes to their actions can boost the living standards for all

You’ve heard the term ‘vested interest’, which means one group vying against another, to ensure more or better for themselves. This often reduces opportunity overall, as the conflicts created in any struggle, detracts from the total efficiencies and productive output made possible, when groups work for mutual interest with all consumers (who after all, are the life blood of any society).

Our job with you, is to convince all businesses and groups of people, that we propose more and better ‘for everyone’, without loss of opportunities to prosper, by changing ‘away from vested interest conflict’, to ways to ‘align business interests’ to better boost rather than destroy living opportunities.



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