Life matters ‘most’…

Snapshot 2 (19-11-2013 13-03) van richard on bridge

Above all, we take ‘life’ …your life, everyone’s life, all coming life, to be far more important than death;

(which occurs at the end of life – hopefully after a life well lived).

…That is what ‘lifecentrestage’ is all about!

So whenever you hear or read anything about the cost of funerals, preparing for funerals – or what you want for your funeral …think to yourself:

” I’m not concerned with death or the cost of it – I just want my money to boost life, whilst I’m alive and forever afterwards!


My ‘Introduction to lifecentrestage’ video is serious and aims to take steps for brightening hope for all…

‘Word Of Mouth’ is our best way to communicate the wishes we all have. Spreading a good story quickly! Please read the attached files, about how discount on funeral spending, can give everyone FREE ‘Street Shock’ defibrillators – just doors away from everyone (to save many of the 100,000 who die in Britain from cardiac arrests annually). Options for North Somerset Times9  and  Letter to funeral directors


Our confidence comes from ‘bettering’ the best value you can get – for your money; with benefits given within your lifetime – with A GOOD FREE FUNERAL after a better life.



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