lifesongCreate your own ‘life-song’ – free! when you show belief in putting life before death; through a commitment to get more from life – by making better choices. (See our last link item…)

Simon Thorpe’s Ideas blog which shows how governments don’t need tax systems, which can be replaced with efficiency, by FTT (a small flat financial transaction levy) collected cheaply from 11 transaction monitors only. Read Simon’s blog dated: 23rd March 2014 – for proof that the UK, need only charge a levy on financial transactions, as low as 0.031% on annual UK financial transaction turnover – to completely scrap all other government tax and licensing revenue systems. Then watch his video called: Some Radical Proposals for Monetary Reform (14 mins) – on his LINKS page.

Ben Dyson explains how a ‘positive money’ supply can be made more beneficial to all economies. He proposes ‘Modernizing Money’ (the title of a book he co-authored with Andrew Jackson). Here is a simplified description in 28 pages:

The Grip of Death by Michael Rowbotham. A book which explains why debt is a problem. N.B. As the book was published some years ago, the debt figures are now treble in most cases – which highlights the author’s original criticism of debt driven economics.

Re: abolition of means tested benefits (to fund an automatic right for all citizens of the UK, to receive income from the treasury, which would simplify how we guarantee a financial platform to boost people’s opportunities to prosper), we recommend a book of research and suggestions by Dr. Malcolm Torry of The Citizen’s Income Trust, called: ‘Money for Everyone’. Published by The Policy Press ( Google: for more information. Click:  lifecentrestage economics paper ‘On the Causes of War’, which he attributes to poverty caused by debt and the inability to spend; forced competition for survival and forced international trade policy.

Upbeat Britain; a blog about paid work for our out of work young people.

Songs-about-your-life? Write your own songs, for fun:’Thoughts, experiences, joys and feelings’; all put on CD’S or DVD’s, as gifts to the next generation. Joint song production, is fun too. FREE FROM US, IF WE ARE ARRANGED TO CARRY OUT YOUR FUNERAL. Please inquire, to: Richard Sibley tel. (01934) 838709.


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