More money for me?


To explain how you can benefit, we will shortly be starting a new blog, to connect three economic reforms (and three well informed research groups) – in support of: Financial evolution in Britain.

***  “Without debt in Britain – we could all be up to 50% better off!”  ***

– in our opinion every voter and political party can learn from them.

For people who like background to read, we will include PDF’s with information to download, on this site’s ‘Links’ page. Click on: lifecentrestage economics paper


1,  Government agreement to create new money for everyone, without paying for it to be brought into existence by commercial banks as debt. (Positive Money)

2,  Government agreement to scrap means testing and the benefit system, to provide a basic income for UK citizens – as of right, direct from government; whether you are working or not. (Citizen’s Income)

3, Government agreement to stop taxing everyone and receive their funding from a levy of around 0.05% (collected cheaper) from eleven financial transaction monitors only. (FTT)

The name of the blog will be: Moremoneyforme?

It’s catch phrase will be: “It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!”

….Will you help yourself by sending your own vote on a petition card? Click on: More money for me to: The ‘More money for me petition’, The House of Commons, London?  …Enjoy video’s:

 ‘More money for me?’


‘Wherever you live’

AND  …please tell your friends: “It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!”  …and all it will cost is 50p, to post a petition card!!


As well as this, read our blog on free local currency distribution and our proposals to offer loans …WITHOUT INTEREST! Click on our card: Positive Money card


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