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For communication ‘of topics’ (that we’d like your views on), we list video icons, for you to click on – to watch and listen to (rather than read about).

We’d like you to ‘think about your future and, how things could be improved’.

Comments printed, via our ‘Get quoted! ‘ page – right hand column.



1. Listeners of Hope click on:

2. Pensioner Dreams click on:

3. Clan Britannia (part 1) on:

4. Clan Britannia (part 2) ” ”

5. Switching Funeral Plans film on:

6. Tax-Free PhD on:

7. What do we Know? on:

8. Street Reps

9. Do you twig it? on:

10. Count-down to Positive Money on:

11. Cottage Industrial on:

12. County Style Fun on:

13. The Human Tissue Issue on:


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