Online or mobile ‘game’ app

QVqo158E[1]‘lifecentrestage’The Virtual Experience!?

Coming soon, as an open source project for games designers; programmers; 3-D artists and developers who’d like to bring this to market with us. Enabling gamer’s to choose their life path and visualize the knock-on consequences, for themselves and generations of the future. Game length dependent on the gamer’s age – each one full of pitfalls, dangers and pleasures as rewards. Financial benefits available for successful game outcome.

Nothing like it on the market at the moment – with endless gaming potential; designed to suit all tastes. Interested parties should contact: Richard Sibley, e-mail

If you are an experienced app designer – would you like to help save the lives of lone cardiac arrest victims? Currently people on their own would die within 3 to 5 minutes;  we want to develop a mobile phone app, which would alert a call centre, to send a defibrillator – from the persons own street!


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