Opportunities – FOR ALL

images[1]They are endless once you agree to use ‘our’ life-boosting funeral service.

Your spending, would allow us to use more farmland productively, rather than taking it out of production (whilst using our money, without debt creation); to give us all better lives and leave a better future for our children (whether we opt for burial or cremation) – paid for, or FREE as one of our bond holders.

N.B. Some of the land used for farmland burial eventually, will not be spoilt by our remains, as the decomposition occurs naturally, leaving elements in exactly the same proportions as the earth we all live from.

(Where do you think soil comes from? Yes! Things which have lived, died and broken down, to feed future life). Our bodies buried un embalmed in sustainable covering, will help to feed future life.

That means our proposals, are the most natural cycle of food, to mouth and back to earth again, in a way which mother nature intended.

THINK ABOUT IT! Our funeral agreements would give us free local currency & listings of trades and services who work without charging VAT!; plus many new ways to put LIFE ‘Centre Stage’, with a novel new boost, from the money we’d spend anyway!


Giving us all manner of farmland uses, ranging from: Social get togethers, birthday, wedding, anniversary, community affairs, charity affairs, end of life send-offs, seasonal celebrations, camping, growing, farming, buying things, selling things, travel exchanges, sporting events, educational courses, craft/culture/hobby pursuits….

So how big is your appetite, to get MORE from LIFE?
AND how much better do you think LIFE could be, for our children’s, children?

PLEASE SIGN A SINCERE FUNERAL AGREEMENT WITH ‘US’ A.S.A.P – to get the benefits of a ‘better’ LIFE yourself; A.S.A.P; by using our ‘Agreement & prices’ page.

If you choose not to get the benefit of life enhancement for yourself – maybe you could consider what your funeral with us, could offer others for generations to come. Thank you.


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