Get quoted!


Our research into what would make people happier, will involve us listening to people’s opinions and corollating the information – ‘quoting people’s remarks’, so that you can have your say.

Our scientific study of all feedback, will be published as a work of reference; so that the subject findings can be discussed and learned from.

Everyone who signs up, for a better life, with our funeral agreement, is entitled to be listed in the book, under ‘comments noted’.

Please let us know what you think can be done by us, to improve life for generations to come, as well as for yourself. TAKE PART NOW, IF YOU’D LIKE AN ENTRY:

Tell us what you like, about getting more value from funeral spending; tell us why you think a FREE ‘Street Shock’ defibrillator, doors away from helping cardiac arrest victims to be kept alive, is a great bonus for buying a ‘lifecentrestage bond’ – for a FREE funeral option; tell us whether you think this damages your perception of funeral needs; tell us how you like the idea of farmland being kept productive and useful socially; tell us how you feel about life assurance; tell us if you think funerals waste money normally; tell us if you have a problem, with washing a loved one, once they have died; tell us if you’d grieve less, if you knew that the wishes of your loved one, was that life ‘going on’, was the most important legacy to their lives; tell us if you feel crematoriums, are laid out too much like churches; tell us if you’d like funerals to be inviting everyone to speak and say what they feel; tell us if more meaning could be added, which would show more respect to your loved one; tell us if you’d like funerals more on weekends, so everyone can be there; tell us if you’d like life and death, to be more incorporated, more easily accepted and more natural; tell us if children should be able to take part freely, to learn about what is important; tell us if funerals should be more relaxed and soothing; tell us how our lives can have a better impact on future generations; tell us how you feel about the way funerals are made gloomy, adding to sadness and negative (considering that we all go eventually); tell us how you’d like people to remember you and how you’d like their spirits lifted; tell us how you welcome the LIFE benefits we propose (at no extra cost to your expected funeral budget).



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