Reclaiming monies put into pre-paid funeral plans.

imagesCAMOHV0BWe make the case for reclaiming money, which you may have locked away, in a pre-paid funeral plan.

This is legally your right! AND ARGUABLY VERY VERY MUCH IN YOUR BEST INTEREST! ‘Switching Funeral Plans’ video – to help you choose something better.

By law, any funeral plan provider, MUST repay money put into funeral plans, and only charge a small concellation fee. THIS MONEY will be free again, to give you better options and a guaranteed funeral arrangement; that will cost you no more!

N.B. Currently, around £1.5 billion is locked away from LIFE and could be used to solve many of peoples LIVING needs.

Given our drive, to boost your life, make money produce better value, boost jobs and leave lives better for the next generation, we urge you to consider our offer, to match the fixed price you have reserved AND TO BOOST LIFE, FOR YOU AND OTHERS.

posted by:Richard Sibley, Village Farm


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Solidarity for ‘ordinary folk’ in the Isles of Britain – ‘Clan Britannia’

earth-hour-2009[1]On this site we can see, that solidarity between us, is what will see us into a better, brighter future. Not people divided and edgey around each other; only concerned for our own part of today’s Britain.

For all, John ‘O Groats, to Lands End; we see a future for all, increasingly made debt free by boosting LIFE for everyone!

Long live ‘Clan Britannia’, the Scots, the Welsh, The Irish and ordinary English, who view jobs, homes and family connections, as more important, than the ambitions of deluded short-lived political adversaries.!

Long live our ability to think kindly of each other and to share, a much more exciting future, alongside each other, financially, socially, morally and environmentally!

I do hope you agree folks!  …Please click on (and display): Solidarity2

click on our video:  ‘Clan Britannia’ 

posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farm

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Better health, through life style options

doctors_insurance_option[1] Have you got the conviction, that LIFE has to be as healthy as we can make it?

To add to that, we want everyone to accept ‘the giving and receiving’ of organ donations, as the most wonderful gift – that can lengthen and boost the quality of lifeanywhere in Britain!

Watch: ‘The Human Tissue Issue’,  our movie in support of organ donor registration.

Hence our proposal, that activities which you can enjoy on farmland, can add to feel-good factors and wellbeing; to make your body and mind, better tools for you to use.

People with disabilities, or ailments, can only benefit, from having what we offer, in their lives.

So, if you are hale and hearty try to keep it that way.

AND think and plan, to help others, who can benefit from your concern for them. Make it better for others, as well as yourself.

Please consider, how useful all this can be to everyone.

AND all paid for, by utilizing the spending we would normally make, that much better!

posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farm

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Time has come, to put Britain, back on track economically


imagesCAPMKVMGIf you like everything you have read so far, please consider this:

Britain could be offering ordinary people, more real ‘hope’ and real excitement.

This site, aims to improve things.

Each of us, deserves more from our lives; better opportunities; more financial security.

By putting LIFE ‘Centre Stage’, we can convert more of our spending, away from debt based money and more towards money created without debt liabilities.

“As people stop burning money at crematoriums, stop paying life insurance, stop spending after they have died – and spending it all, to boost their lives with, that money will boost other peoples lives too!”

As our plans unfold, more opportunities will be disclosed.

I hope we have whetted your appetites so far.

Please tell other people about this site, the sooner everyone knows about it, the more our lives can be improved.

AND Thanks!
posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farm

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How can all this happen?

Make-It-Happen-Logo1D[1]Without finance nothing works. Right?

What we are saying to people, is: If you have no objection to having a nicer funeral, as a ‘life celebration’, run by us when your time on earth closes; we can offer you use of our land and make better spending options available, during the rest of your LIFE.

As you spend with us and as people support us through investment, or spread paying, for a funeral, our ability to buy more land increases – land which will give you, even more out of LIFE!

It is our job, to stick by my promise, to improve your LIFE and to improve the lives of our children, for generations after us.

Because we will be run as a business not out to increase wealth for it’s own sake, more of the money, goes back, to improve lives and only the running costs are taken to offer you our services.

The employment created, will benefit you whilst you are alive!

How many life assurance companies or funeral businesses, can truely say that?

Google a search to: Switching Funeral Plans, on youtube, click: for details of your legal rights to receive back pre-paid funeral plan money – that you could switch to us for a better deal all round!!

posted by: Richard Sibley, Village Farm

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What value do people get from life assurance?

Value%20For%20Money(cropped2)[1]Now we’re talking about getting value, from all spending, during our LIFE,

...isn’t it logical to conclude, that life insurance, is a wasted spend? Agreed?

People who start, life policies, never get to use the money; it is like a bottomless pit!

N.B. If you put your money into it; and if you stop, all of your money is gone!

This is nonesensical.

However much has been put in so far; should be written off, so that the rest of your life, you enjoy and can use, the rest of your money – FOR LIFE. Once you die, through us, your funeral could be covered anyway!

DON’T WAIT, stop your life policy now, if you agree with this proposition.

posted by : Richard Sibley

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Why connect our lives, to our funeral spending decisions?

imagesCAOMHDHTThis is the crux of this site!

It is obvious, that we will all need a funeral and it will cost each of us, to have one.

This money, is within our spending control and just like our other spending decisions, we have choices.

John ‘O Groats to Lands End – Please read our page listed as: John ‘O Groats to Lands End to explore thirty questions, to help you decide what you really want. 

I don’t know about you, but I have never been to a funeral, that made sense to me. £Thousands are spent, for usually quite a depressing affair – people shuffle in and shuffle out; not knowing how to be helpful to each other; whispering to each other; listening to someone speaking and not able to take part easily.

Financially, it offers nothing to LIFE. The one-off spend, giving no value to the one who has died and no ongoing comfort or benefit to those who live on.

I have decided to make my LIFE the focus of my spending, (not my funeral) and to give benefits to others, from my spending (during my LIFE and after I’m gone).

… but don’t worry, I shall still be around; urging LIFE on!

posted by: Richard Sibley

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