Paid work for teenagers

thCA733ZWGNothing can be more demoralizing for teenagers, than no paid work, hope or future.

Our task is to banish this situation full stop.

“Will you get behind our proposals to do that?” Don’t we need to change all options?

TEENAGERS, THIS IS FOR YOUStreet Rep flyer and Letter to improve life

TEENAGERSWHAT ARE THEY? They are children and grand children, nephews and nieces, brothers and sisters, the boys and girls next door and friends of all of us. If they have no paid work – they are costing us to keep them; they are a drag on themselves and everyone else – we have to put ‘lifecentrestage’ – to sort out everyone’s problems.


We need ‘Great Teenagers’ to lead communities towards a more upbeat future, as ‘Street Reps’ – in every British community – John ‘O Groats to Lands End.

To start with, we are prepared to pay £5 for referrals to new customers, or bond holders with us – so that we can put these teenagers to work.

PLEASE – do what you can wherever you live in Britain – our ‘teenagers doing paid work’ will pay us all back time and again – if householders everywhere can give them some paid work to start them off.

Please read our ‘Benefits to Life’ page, to see a list of things our ‘Teenage Street Reps’ can offer YOU.

Here’s your chance to help – you get £5 each time a new customer is referred by you, to our mobile phone: Teenagers paid work helpline (07805) 850569. They could join our ‘Cottage Industries’, watch our video: ‘Cottage Industrial’


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