British options nationally

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Currently national money is 97% created by private banks, to be repaid …with interest and debts


3% is created as notes and coinage by governments


Calls for financial evolution has already started – ‘free’ local currency notes will inspire monetary changes nationally


(with education calling for introduction of: Citizen’s Income pay – as debt-free regular support for all; to better underpin living costs and allow abolition of means-tested benefits and national pensions)


debate offered about: Positive Money, created and distributed by government, without debt or interest


A 50p stamp on a UK petition card from each of us: Calling for abolition of government tax & revenue systems, calling for ‘all party support’ will help


Introduction of Flat Financial Transaction Tax (instead), which would be cheaper and can guarantee government expenditure


Interest on credit lending much reduced; as replaced by interest-free loans


Introduction of positive foreign policy using trade and cooperation, to target and phase out military budgets – to avoid conflict (as the world is weary of war)


Paid work, home ownership and more fun created, to include everyone


To assist completion of Financial Evolution (read our page headed:

‘More money for me?’)


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