People who could benefit most

imagesCAZLJ7T7These are people, most likely at first to appreciate the connection with ‘lifecentrestage’, in their own area and throughout Britain.

self-employed people
unemployed people
parents & grandparents
children (Watch our video: The Force For Good)
home owners
rental tenants
pensioner groups
cash savers
cash borrowers
green thinkers
allotment holders
wildlife enthusiasts
adult learners
rambler groups
cycle clubs
camping groups
low income groups

people waiting for a transplant

exercise groups

people who collapse with a cardiac arrest

scouts & guide groups

boot sale enthusiasts

countryside protection groups

friends of the earth
people with disabilities
transition groups
festival lovers
outdoor hobbyists
cross-country runners
v.a.t. free trades & services
outdoor performers
outdoor sports enthusiasts
vintage vehicle lovers
healthier food lovers
new entertainers
app gamer’s
app developers

If you, or your contacts fit any of these categories, we would like you to know, what our farmland provisions could include.

Please use our ‘E-mail contact’ page. Thanks!


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