imagesCA8ACL2QWe are in the process of uploading graphic details (photographs), which will make our point, that life can be and should be improved.

The photographs will help you see, that our choices can be met, more economically than ever before – to boost life, without taking on more debt.

Ultimately helping us to remove debt from our lives.

This will help us to learn the mistakes made, at national, business and personal level; that debt reduces our spending capacity, causes booms and busts in the economy, disrupts markets and employment and as a result, makes everyone poorer!

It has been calculated, that without the debts we all carry, living standards could rise, by as much as at least 35 – 45%; as a result of each of us NOT having to pass on debt repayments, as part of our expenses. …We want to push it to a 50% extra benefit to life.

This would include the amounts we have to charge as businesses, or as the wages we need as workers, in order to be able to live.

It is hoped and expected, that future governments will create new stable money (without national debt to be repaid) and reform the tax system; so that all of this can come about.

In the meantime, we offer you: ‘lifecentrestage’, to boost life ourselves.


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