1r. Choice of funeral directors

imagesCAF5KY2TIF YOU OPT TO BOOST LIFE WITH A ‘FREE FUNERAL’ lifecentrestage BOND, THERE IS A WIDE CHOICE OF FUNERAL DIRECTORS TO REVIEW lifecentrestage INVITATION LETTER -FD’s public  …(with an initial £40 discount voucher from us, to pay for a ‘Street Shock’ defibrillator – to save lives in your street!) See the attached: Letter to funeral directors  and  Options for North Somerset Times9

Whatever your view of life and (whichever funeral director your family traditionally uses), if you ring us and book your life benefits offer, we will be able to complete your planned choice – at the same price as your chosen funeral director would give you directly. We offer to run services attended by friends and family – giving you ‘Lighter Goodbyes’, ‘in the round’ – so that everyone can speak, touch and be part of a loving release of natural emotion (not sitting in pews listening to the pulpit); with better value given than pulpit vicars or celebrants. Contact us on: (07805) 850569 for ‘Lighter Goodbyes’.

We take no commission, from any funeral director you choose and don’t interfere with the service they will offer you.

The way we work, is to cater for people’s preference and overall, take business when it comes our way; as a total of overall inquiries; to benefit you.

Whether we handle your funeral or not, PLEASE GIVE US A CALL – we don’t want you to lose out on ‘life benefits’, free local currency to use and ‘fun’ for the rest of your life.

Life is too short. Make the most of it.  Lighter Goodbyes 1

We wish you well!

Your ‘local street rep’, will be delighted to tell you, about the benefits we offer.
For basic prices we recommend, look at our 1l ‘Funeral agreements £…’ page (right hand column)


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