1z. Questions and answers

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 Q1. How do you intend to make this work?

A.   On a county by county basis – from each new county partner/customer.

Q2. How will you start?

A.    By seeking a self-employed agent in each county, starting from Cleeve, North Somerset.

Q3.  How will the agent be incentivised?

A .    By earning a percentage of the turnover created from ‘lifecentrestage’ in each community.

Q4.   Doing what sort of thing?

A.      Arranging to achieve all of the improvements to people’s lives listed on our blog.

Q5.  Could you explain more?

A.    Yes. Take for example the need for a team to operate DIY assisted funerals, help create paid work for unemployed people or start local cottage industries. The agent would follow a set plan, to recruit, train and facilitate the team taken on locally.

Q6.  Why are you concerning yourself with all this, when you haven’t got your own burial ground or funeral team operational?

A.    I feel it is better to look at the future direction of any business venture (especially one with as big a social plan as I am launching), then work backwards to find the best way to handle it.

Q7.  Why plan to use facilities offered by current funeral service providors?

A.    Because this way I could offer a UK wide service, keeping the capital available to us for facilities to boost life with, for everyone.

Q8.  Don’t you think you should demonstrate how you can operate your own burial site, before you deal with business from other areas?

A.   My proposal is to keep looking for a way to offer both cremations and burials, whether with or without religious elements or funeral directors – with agreements to do this for any customer, wherever they end up living when they die.

Q9.  What are your aims for this year?

A.    To find regional like-minded representatives – who can work to a media schedule, to drip feed information and news releases, in every county across Britain – backed by our UK social media and traditional media campaign and blog.

Q10. When do you intend to apply for permission to operate natural burial on your own farmland?

A.   Once I have promoted the ideas for life benefits, so that people with existing pre-paid funeral plans can switch to ‘lifecentrestage’  (hopefully with the agreement to keep the same provider), I aim to help to create long term life benefits for generations to follow.  My plan is to have a large petition of local signatures to support my application – by the end of this year and to be operating burials the year after.



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