Step by step for your locality

imagesCAK7AKVVIf you or a group of you, want to set up ‘lifecentrestage’ in your area – we will help you WITH FREE: local currency

You’d need to find a local farmland owner, who would agree to provide the land you need (ideally 5 to 10 acres).

Once you have agreement for your land uses, follow this checklist:

Make a contact name, phone and e-mail and postal address’s known around your district.

Start one street at a time organizing ‘Street Shock’ defibrillators, to save life ‘doors away from each cardiac arrest victim’. Click: Letter to neighbours blank, AND: funerals deposits to fund defibrillators, then follow on with ‘life improvements for everyone’. Starting with wooden play blocks for ALL toddlers and ‘personal sleep shelters and tipi’s for teenagers, made locally to create paid work for those who need it in your area. Click: Letter to neighbours all issues

Newspapers, TV and radio station and our ‘Better Than’ TV UK, live stream Internet channel, will take an active interest in helping to ‘boost life’ in your area.

Refer people locally to THIS site to save you reiterating what has already been laid out for everyone.

Communicate with all local people, through your local systems – to maximize knowledge of what is being offered. To give everyone better choices. ‘Street Reps’ doing a part-time role locally, would help to inform everyone what’s possible.

It would be useful to have permanent access to: the latest spec computer system, a large screen video projector, cables, amplifiers and microphone. temporary indoor and outdoor meeting venues, towing vehicles and large trailers.

Make sure you understand how to organize funerals (with or without funeral directors or clergy, as people wish) for those who sign agreements to have them, after a lifetime of improved opportunities – offered by you locally.

You then need to train a team who can carry out the variety of funeral types chosen. Local funeral directors will have a vested interest in cooperating to offer ‘lifecentrestage’ supporters a competitive service; to compete with ‘alternatives’ offered, which will take account of people’s wishes – for ‘better’ lives before hand.

By the time you are this far,  we will have downloaded more systems information, video presentations that will be useful and have offered you visits to us or visa-versa.

Be sure at all times to watch national news and keep in touch with this site.

… oh! AND …”Say ‘well done’ to yourself!”

Enjoy the whole experience!


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