Street Reps

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Achieving a special place in everyone’s lives. Click: Street Rep flyer

The ‘ mums and young people’ who bring us ‘good news’ (and from now on, extra spending capacity from our locally supplied FREE local currency notes).

Offering you many practical ways to improve things.

Along with news of TWIG savings & loans, which don’t incur tax on safe savings and offers local people interest-free loans which are revealed to all; designed to boost economics – by being easier to repay and quicker!! Money that’s fit for the purposes of people!! click on:

Look out for your ‘Street Rep’ and the ‘twig’ sign by their entrance.


Our ‘Street Reps’ will also promote the benefits of a ‘Street Shock’ defibrillator; held by a neighbour near you – for the quickest action to restart a heart after a cardiac arrest. Click:  funerals deposits to fund defibrillators Then watch our video:   ‘Street Shock’

In all areas, Street Reps will be praised by us and their community, in relation to the things they do, to help raise your living standards.

N.B. The roles our mums and young people will have, is to keep you informed, of extra benefits – as we bring them on stream. Happy local people, chosen for their upbeat personality and helpful nature.

If this position, for a few hours per week, could suit you, please e-mail us:  Letter to village mums

lifecentrestage Street Reps, will not be like door knockers; they will use their local contacts to spread the word to you and only offer you things you show interest in.

Please circulate our blog details to all your acquaintencies – this will help to create local employment and more fun – throughout our lives!


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