1p. A plan to cancel?


We intend to invite pre-paid funeral plan trustees to redirect the money they hold ‘in trust’ from you (with your permission), but if they disagree, here’s the option left to you:

It is straight-forward. By law you have the right, to have your money returned (minus a small cancellation fee, which we would knock off our funeral price to you); cancellation fees vary, but all will be covered by us, so you only gain, by switching to us. Click: funerals deposits to fund defibrillators & Lighter Goodbyes A49

This means ‘Switching to us’, is cost effective, because: As a ‘lifecentrestage’ bond investor, you would get a FREE funeral through us.

At the same time, we would give you the boost to life you could enjoy, that no other provider offers.

Britain’s people can be £billions better off, funded by better funeral choices:

Free local currency GIVEN TO YOU (to the value of your sterling spend), to increase your spending capability; access to VAT free goods and services; fun via our farmland uses scheme and a chance to leave the world better, for future generations.

N.B. No other funeral provider will give you as much value in life as we do, or give you as meaningful a funeral – to send you off in a positive ‘supportive’ way! Switching to us will also help to get your street a FREE ‘Street Shock’ defibrillator.

Just e-mail your Inquiry and we will guide you through your ‘Switching’ procedure; to get you more out of LIFE! Currently over £1 BILLION is available – waiting to be released from tied-up pre-paid funeral plans.

Watch us on youtube on Richard Sibley’s Channel; starting with: our intro to ‘Why not Forever? (click on http://youtu.be/n-uD_9_hhEg) – then watch our film ‘Switching Funeral Plans’ http://youtu.be/1KGMY670cIo , on youtube, again by Richard Sibley our founder.


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