Taking the Good Biscuit

download (1) images (3)In a further move to represent the best hope for everyone’s future, we will soon be announcing a radical ‘new’ support for health and well being.

This involves us distributing recipes for nourishing biscuits, which have long shelf lives and can be treated as a quick and easy food – for breakfast, lunch or evening meal; easily carried, ready to eat without preparation equipment, plates or cutlery. Tasting sessions to be handed out wherever we meet people.

‘Taking’ The Good Biscuit, will make sure people don’t over eat and aims to guarantee everything which should be in an average person’s daily intake. N.B. People who have dietary needs for specific health conditions – should always take personalized medical instructions first.

Our promotional video is being arranged for launch soon – on ‘Better Than’ TV UK.

Everyone who takes part in this element of ‘lifecentrestage’ development, will help themselves to boost life ‘forever’ for other people too!

Watch our video in support of this: http://youtu.be/-wWklzP8d5U Taking the Good Biscuit.


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