The views on positive money?

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????For all who wonder what officialdom thinks, here’s the page for you.

We have now heard back, from North Somerset Council’s Finance Director, Peter Sloman; we are still waiting to hear from the TUC Press Office; and our local parliamentary representative, Dr. Liam Fox, M.P for Woodspring, North Somerset, has sent us a letter direct from the British Treasury which gave us useful information.

LAUNCHING ‘FREE’ LOCAL TRANSACTION NOTES, click to see our mock-up: local currency

As we will be following statutory rules, on ‘Sterling’s’ primacy and how ‘complimentary currencies’, are allowed only for local use, we anticipate a rousing welcome; as it can only help everyone to overcome spending shortages.

We look forward to helping local authorities, the government and all NGO’s to achieve the improvements in living standards, that will keep our economy on an even keel – way into the future. Hotting Up Money, by Richard Sibley.

Our local ‘street reps’ will give you your options. Look out for the local TWIG sign!

A visit to a London Conference, confirmed that debt-based money is proven to be a major cause of world economic, social and environmental difficulties; needing Britain to change the Banking Act of 1844 – to sort things out.

Click: Positive Money card

There is an URGENT need for suitable finance for all! DO YOU TWIG IT? …our video will explain.
For the solution click this link:


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